About Patrick Meniboon

Born in Liberia to a 15 years old mother child, who unintentionally inspired his courage, Patrick’s own journey has required ferocious pursuit of courage. To overcome the self-consciousness of the stutter he developed as a child, Patrick challenged himself to do the impossible: become a public speaker.

Today, he speaks to people at organizations and equips their people to live with purpose and courage using his ARM™ Your Courage Self-Mastery Program.

A self-described introvert plagued with insecurity, Patrick immigrated to the United States from Libera in 1999. As a business analyst and consultant, he has worked with international companies including 3M, US Bank, GE, Emerson Process Management, and Wells Fargo.

In 2010, he stared down his fear of public speaking and joined Toastmasters. With study and practice, and a heart for helping others overcome their fears, Patrick was named a district finalist in 2015 in the Toastmaster World Championship of Public Speaking.

His passion is inspiring people to become courageous leaders of their own lives. By equipping people with powerful tools, he empowers them to overcome their insecurities and self-imposed limitations. The end goal: courageous people, strong teams, powerful impact.


"After agonizing over my stuttering for several years, I realized it wasn't stuttering that I really hated, but being defined by it. I decided to redefine my stuttering by mastering not self-belief but courage."




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