We live in the land of the free and the home of the brave but are we truly free indeed?

  1. If we are truly free, why are we increasingly becoming obligated and beholden to all of the categorizations, sub-categorizations, and classifications such as race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientations, social status, politics, educational levels, etc., alienating ourselves and unconsciously creating multi-generational imprisonment in the process?
  2. If we are truly free, why do we blame everyone else (including God for creating us) but not ourselves for our thoughts, decisions, actions, inactions, and self-sabotage?
  3. If we are truly free, why are self-mastery, self-response-ability, and self-account-ability not our minimum standard of proof? But wait, there’s more:
  4. If we are truly free, why are we told by the invisible hands when and how to think, what to think about and what should be of more importance to us than what our core values dictate?
  5. If we are truly free, why are we always against something rather than standing for something?

[Hint: because being against something is the easy way out, standing for something requires of us to become someone beyond our fears and insecurities, challenge ourselves and everything we know and have believed].

As we go into this Independence Day, being truly free is the bird in your hand.
Being truly free is the majestic oak tree that waits in the acorn you hold in your hand.
Muster your courage to do with it whatever you see fit. As for me, I am already created in the image of the Devine, free and endowed with all of the abilities and capabilities to be a creator and not a spectator or slave to my own entrapments.

Thank God Almighty that I live in America. Let Freedom Reign!