InSecurity to Impact

The Courage Hacker

Raise Your Hand,
Step up,
Step Out!

Patrick hacks the courage of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to power them through
InSecurity to Impact so they can
Raise Your Hand, Step Up, and Step Out.



Patrick Meniboon engages audiences with humor and heart. His popular keynote presentations and powerful workshop sessions inspire and equip people to remove self-imposed limitations and discover the courage live the life they were created for.


Patrick Meniboon is “The Courage Hacker”. He is a Self-Mastery strategist, author of the upcoming book “Becoming Unmesswithable”, and on a mission to guide organizations and legacy-driven individuals to activate courage so that they can disarm their insecurities on demand and catapult their growth, fulfillment, and impact.


"I could win a Nobel Peace Prize or three Olympic Gold Medals in three different sports and will still be the person who won… but stutters."

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