About Patrick Meniboon

Patrick Meniboon is “The Courage Hacker”. He is a Self-Mastery strategist, author of the upcoming book “Becoming Unmesswithable”, and on a mission to guide organizations and legacy-driven individuals to activate courage so that they can disarm their insecurities on demand and catapult their growth, fulfillment, and impact.

Today, he speaks to people at organizations and equips their people to align purpose and courage using his ARM™ Your Courage Self-Mastery Program.

A self-described introvert plagued with insecurity around stuttering, Patrick understands what it means to hack courage and overcome adversity. He very often felt stalled, stigmatized, and a spectator in both his personal and professional lives.

After agonizing over his stutter for several years, he realized it wasn’t stuttering that he really hated, but being defined by it; that no matter how much he accomplished, he would always be known as the guy who stutters. He decided to redefine his insecurities around stuttering by mastering not self-belief but courage.

From a stuttering child to a high school class valedictorian to being named a district finalist in the 2015 Toastmaster World Championship of Public Speaking, Patrick challenged himself with what seemed like an impossible goal: overcome his insecurities around stuttering, enter the toughest industry in the world, and become a professional speaker. And proudly, that’s what he does now.

Today, he speaks to organizations on topics of Courage, Self Mastery, Mindset, and Resilience and equip individuals with tools to “hack their innate ferocity” using his ARM™ Your Courage Self-Mastery Program. Patrick is CEO/President of Meniboon LLC, a “courage hacking” institute.

He received his undergraduate degree in Computer Information Systems from Metropolitan State University in St. Paul, Minnesota and his MBA from the Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.

Patrick is a mind mapping fanatic, tennis enthusiast, and belt buckle collector. He was born in Liberia, West Africa and currently lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, United States.

"After agonizing over my stuttering for several years, I realized it wasn't stuttering that I really hated, but being defined by it. I decided to redefine my stuttering by mastering not self-belief but courage."




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