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I’m Patrick Meniboon

Patrick Meniboon is a beacon of resilience and tenacity, a man whose extraordinary journey began in Liberia, West Africa, where he overcame a severe stutter and rose to become a two-time valedictorian.

Today, he stands as an international speaker, courage strategist, and the Chief Courage Officer of Meniboon, LLC—a visionary leader reshaping the landscape of courage-based leadership.

Revolutionizing Courage: The Courage Hacker

Patrick is the visionary behind revolutionary concepts such as “Courage Hacking” and “Courage Deficit Disorder (CDD).” These groundbreaking frameworks are not mere theories; they are born from Patrick’s own transformative life experiences.

They are setting a new course for courage-based leadership across the globe, challenging individuals and organizations to confront their fears and unlock their hidden potential.

Courage Iceberg
Courage Iceberg

Empowering Change:

As the founder of, Patrick’s mission is clear: to empower “People who shape People and Impact.” His foundation is dedicated to transforming lives and organizations by raising the minimum standard of courage.

Through, Patrick is making a profound impact, offering practical strategies that help thousands confront their fears and live audacious lives.

Accomplished Author and Speaker

Patrick is not just an accomplished author but also a former Toastmasters International Speech Contest District finalist—an achievement realized by less than 10% of Toastmasters worldwide. His captivating speeches have taken him around the world, including prestigious organizations like Toastmasters International and the Nashville Project Management Institute.

Education and

With an MBA in Project Management from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota and a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Information Systems, Patrick brings a wealth of education and expertise to his work. His dedication to lifelong learning drives his continuous growth and innovation.

Transforming Limitations into Stepping Stones

Whether you're an individual seeking personal growth or an organization aiming to revolutionize your leadership approach, Patrick Meniboon offers an unforgettable, courage-infused journey that transforms limitations into stepping stones. His passion for empowering individuals and organizations to embrace courage and reach their full potential is evident in every aspect of his work.

Let's embark on this journey!